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The White House said in February that Cuba policy was under comprehensive inter-agency review, raising speculation that a major overhaul could be in the works. Cuba policy is nearing completion but the Trump administration has yet to receive any recommendations that might roll back President Barack Obama's historic two-and-a-half year-old effort to normalize relations with the communist-run island, the White House said on Thursday."There is no target date by which it will be finished and presented to the President for his review so it could be this month or thereafter," a White House spokesperson told Univision.“At the end of the day what people need is for the doors that are closed to open so that the people can have a better life.That’s what we want,” said Betancourt, who complained he didn’t have the money to buy his daughter a backpack and water bottle for the new school year.It is estimated that there are almost as many Puerto Ricans living off the island as the 3.4 million that reside there. This video was taken in Guayama, on the south coast.After Hurricane Maria, almost all communication was lost between those on the island and in the diaspora. Had Irma tracked 50 miles further north along Cuba's coast, the results could have been dramatically different, meteorologists say, causing devastation to the densely populated Greater Miami region.Not surprisingly, Cuba has since taken a back seat to other bigger domestic issues such as healthcare, tax reform and 'Russia-gate.'"The inter-agency review of Cuba policy is ongoing but heading toward completion," the White House spokesperson said."At this time, the President has not seen any recommendations stemming from the inter-agency review process," the spokesperson added.

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The policy change "could just turn out to be a big show on Air Force One landing in Miami.Although the number of long term political prisoners in Cuba has fallen, "short-term arbitrary arrests of human rights defenders, independent journalists, and others have increased dramatically in recent years," according to Human Rights Watch. That could also include tougher travel for so-called "people-to-people" exchanges, by requiring it to be licensed for organized group packages only, eliminating the easiest form of casual tourism by individuals, couples or informal groups of friends.Other symbolic gestures might involve reimposing a ban on the import of Cuban rum and cigars for personal consumption by tourists.A big picture speech, calling the Cuban government a dictatorship, and a bunch of losers," said Kavulich."Until it comes out of his mouth, with this president you just dont know," he added.

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