American attitudes on interracial dating

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Because these Marxists feel betrayed by the very people they have sponsored, primarily through massive immigration into the United States after passage of the 1965 immigration act.What has occurred since then is in fact more friction between these different racial or ethnic groups.First, science requires several simple rules and procedures: Parsimony or using simple explanations over the incredulous machinations of facts and figures; meta-analyses to make complicated correlations between variables by combining many independent and confounding studies; and the theory must be falsifiable.[2],[3] Racist America fails all three.But the flaws only begin with these basic scientific errors.

As David Horowitz has so elegantly pointed out in his attack on reparations for Blacks, there has already been a transfer of 5 billion dollars to Blacks since 1965. But in simpler terms, Feagin just hates WASPs, especially males; with his hatred for Whites diminishing as the vile nature of Whites in general gets farther away from the center core, like concentric circles. It has more to do with an ongoing power struggle between the old Marxists and the general White population that is, contrary to Feagin's thesis, quite apolitical and unwilling to yield to a new totalitarian egalitarian state (Communism).So even if you are White, if you have a Spanish surname you become a "person of color." In addition, he even seems to exclude White women in his grand conspiracy theory.Throughout the book, it is always "White men" who are the oppressors, as if the White women were some other species or race.Feagin's anticipated emancipation of all the oppressed peoples, forming a singular block of people against the hated White man, is not going according to plan.So he lashes out even more against Whites, accusing them of "corrupting" these marginally "non-Whites" by manipulating this racial conspiracy to fragment them into opposing factions.

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