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White Box Dating® is a product of Friends Worldwide, Inc., a market leader in the niche dating industry.What makes us unique as a white label dating solution provider is that we offer you a powerful multi-dimensonal advantage to generate more revenue than any other dating platform based on our traffic tiers built from the ground up to put your needs first.White Box Dating® is designed to help you turn your dating website into a true money maker with a host of features that are only there when you need them.It gets out of your way, and lets you focus on one thing that matters most to you.Our Network is pre-populated with millions of dating singles interested only in real relationships, dating, romance, and marriage. The combination of three tiers of traffic and over 65 interest groups generates the most diverse and high quality traffic in the world to our Network.

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You'd think being named Planet rock dating and advertised on the Planet rock radio station that this might be worth a shot. I signed up for free and received numerous views and messages which I couldn't view without subscribing. I should have known to pay just to check a bunch of bogus messages not sent by the actual members, then to be told you have to pay for added services.It was free to send messages, but I soon realised that I would have to pay £25 to be able to actually read incoming messages for one month as a full member.I then realised that being a “full” member was not enough, and I paid another £5 so that ladies could reply to my sent messages without them having to be fully paid-up members.Dimension 1 - Our Company Brands and Experience: Our company executives started as white label partners themselves 14 years ago creating their own dating brands with a small investment.With persistance, cultivation, and a good dose of true grit, these brands have matured into the most popular niche dating sites online today.

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