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Tyler and Wood’s other lawyers are focusing their appeals on his mental competence and, more recently, testimony from a highly criticized psychiatrist nicknamed “Dr.

Death” who predicted in Wood’s sentencing hearing that he would be a future danger in prison.

Jeff Wood was outside in a pickup when his partner killed a Kerrville convenience store clerk in 1996, but he was sentenced to death under Texas' felony murder statute, commonly known as the law of parties. 2, 1996, Jeff Wood sat in a truck outside a Kerrville gas station while his friend Daniel Reneau went inside to steal a safe said to be full from the holiday weekend, according to court documents.

A small-town Texan, Danny Wood is quick to tell you he’s not against the death penalty — but he doesn’t think the state should execute his son. When the clerk, Kriss Keeran, didn’t comply or respond to threats, Reneau shot him dead. He was sentenced to death under Texas’ felony murder statute, commonly known as the law of parties, which holds that anyone involved in a crime resulting in death is equally responsible, even if they weren't directly involved in the actual killing.

Wood and Reneau became friends shortly before the murder and lived in a trailer within walking distance of the Texaco that was robbed, according to Wood’s latest appeal.

He later testified he didn’t take the planning seriously. And when Keeran made clear that he wouldn’t help them, things got complicated.Charles Keeran said living in prison is a better punishment, that death was the “easy way out.” Danny Wood doesn’t believe his son fits into the category of convicts who qualify for death; he thinks the state has wronged him and his family.“For 20 years, it’s cost me a son,” he said through tears, adding that he hopes the board and the governor will commute the sentence.“We had planned it, but it was a surprise, a surprise that he did shoot him.” After he heard the shooting, Wood entered the store, and he and Reneau removed the VCR, the security footage and the safe.Kerr County decided to seek the death penalty for both Reneau and Wood in Keeran’s death — a rare move.

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