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He's not surprised that the likes of Brown and Robertson are upset about Scottish independence.He just doesn't think there much of a risk of hostility here."What interests me the most is the notion that secessions are disastrous because they provoke wars."Typically those opposed to secessions list bad news: Palestine is one example; South Asia another; the Irish in the early part of the 20th century; Yugoslavia in the 1990s." "But let's not ransack history and tear out all the pages that don't fit our story."It is now time for supporters of the Union to speak up," he declared, "to resist any drift towards a Balkanisation of Britain." Scroll forward to this summer and one of Brown's one-time colleagues, George Robertson, expanded the attack."I cannot see why he word 'Balkanisation' is too potent for Scotland's separatists," the former Nato general-secretary told a conference at the Royal Society of Edinburgh.Enough to play a modest role as part of an international Atlantic alliance?Enough to defend its industries and state institutions from cyberattacks?

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Readers’ comments: You are personally liable for the content of any comments you upload to this website, so please act responsibly.If we were in one of those places the debate would be probably defined by conversations about whether central government is going to fight back.What is happening in Scotland is rare." Gordon Brown in his big pitch for Britishness said the UK was a "model for the world of how nations can not only live side by side".But it was also a rallying cry by a future premier against another man who was about to take power, Alex Salmond.And for this Brown clutched at a word from an altogether different part of Europe, the continent's south-east.

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