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“When you put standards in the market, adoption skyrockets,” he said.However, Mougayar cautioned against trying to regulate the blockchain prematurely for fear of stifling innovation around this technology. Let’s wait until it grows to be an adult, and then we can regulate it,” he said.Cryptocurrencies, said Mougayar, are not just about money.“They can represent a function, work and attention, which means new companies publishing user content could compensate users by enabling them to earn tokens for giving attention to content or attracting attention to content.Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, he believes, will become an increasingly popular way of transferring value, with up to 900 different cryptocurrencies available already.Blockchain is also about new, emerging P2P infrastructure that is truly decentralised, said Mougayar, in contrast to many web-based applications such as Facebook that have not remained true to the original decentralised concept of the World Wide Web.It was frustrating for our HR — they could not plan the on-boarding process.Eventually, I relented and had our professional IT manager, who setup a process for procurement of phones. We are sent conflicting signals throughout schooling.

On the other hand, we are constantly exhorted to think outside the box. Only in the later years, we see how this dichotomy shapes our world.

Standardization helps in many ways: All in all, standardization plays in many ways in spreading innovation to the masses.

It is how industrialization succeeded, by creating a large class of working class as well consumers.

“A lot of the activity is very technical, about the nuts and bolts of the infrastructure, but we are now going to get more into the app development and the story is going to be more about the applications, which is how the web started.

First we had to get the infrastructure and the standards, and then the applications came,” he said.

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