Verizon wireless updating spiritual leadership in dating relationships

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It's important to know Verizon's rules on roaming so that any roaming charges don't come as a surprise.

Keep in mind that it could take over a month for a carrier to tell Verizon that you owe roaming charges.

AT&T Wireless is the largest wireless service provider in the United States and currently has over 71 million subscribers.

AT&T Wireless has gone through many changes over the years.

You are roaming when you use voice or data on a network that falls outside the coverage area that you pay for.

After several years of business, AT&T Wireless was purchased by Cingular.

In December 2006, Cingular was bought by AT&T and the wireless service was rebranded as AT&T Wireless after a short period.

That at least raised the possibility that Verizon-sold Pixel phones might not get new Android features as soon as they're available for the Pixels that Google sells directly.

But a very straightforward statement that Verizon gave to Ars Technica seems to eliminate any potential concern.

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