Who is ben savage dating

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"Cory would be tweeting about soup – what kind of soup he likes," Savage imagined.

"Asking if people knew a good place to get a haircut, and where he could get alterations for his sweaters.

You more than likely had a crush on him (and Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Mark-Paul Gosselaar). But Rider had this to say about his Christian Slater-like hair and being a teen heartthrob: "It just wasn't for me." Cosmo: comes out on DVD on November 5, but it feels like the show ended yesterday.

How did it feel to be a 90s icon-slash-teen heartthrob?

This is more than a little disturbing, because we figured that even if he and Topanga — err, Danielle Fishel — never got together, he'd at least go for a girl who isn't a raging bitch.

"She'd probably just have some snappy, really good tweets.

The ones you'd want to retweet, like the relatable posts." Blanchard revealed, "Topanga would probably be tweeting about love and peace on earth and donuts in the sky," The Disney Channel starlet also added that her mom would probably have inspirational quotes from Emerson and Socrates all throughout her Instagram account.

But, I didn't even realize that I had been put into a certain category in American pop culture until long after.

Somehow it was me, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, and a few other guys that were on safe shows, but our characters were relatively edgy.

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